Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo–Round Two

As unbelievable as it sounds, San Luis Obispo County is once again considering Nipomo as the location for a marijuana dispensary, despite the overwhelming opposition of Nipomo residents to a similar project almost two years ago.  See local media reports here and here.  The South County Advisory Council (SCAC) will discuss the proposed project at their November 28, 2011 meeting held at the Nipomo Community Service District (NCSD) Board Room at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting location is 148 S. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA.  If you have an opinion on this issue I am certain the SCAC board welcomes your input.  Please attend and express your opinion to the SCAC. Continue reading

California Marijuana Dispensaries Are In For A Roller Coaster Ride

The Los Angeles Times reports that a trial judge in Los Angeles County has issued an injunction prohibiting the sale of so called Medical Marijuana, concluding state law does not allow collectives to sell the drug: Continue reading

Adobe Press Reports On Reefer Madness In Nipomo

Similar to the Santa Maria Times story, the sister publication, The Adobe Press also reported on the SCAC hearing on the Marijuana Dispensary proposal in an article appropriately entitled “Reefer Madness.” The article is similar to the Times article, but is worth posting as well–getting the word out to the public at large, local government, local planning directors, and most importantly to Mr. Brody, Mr. Meredith the applicants, and Mr. Gross the land owner that Nipomo residents do not approve of or want this project in our community: Continue reading

SCAC Just Says No To Pot Dispensary In Nipomo

The South County Advisory Council met Monday evening, 01/25/10 in full session to consider the application of two Los Angeles County businessmen to place a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  After a three hour meeting, attended by over 100 local residents, and the media, the council unanimoulsy voted to deny the application. Their recommendation will go to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department which must now decide how to proceed in the face of Nipomo’s overwhelming opposition.  The Santa Maria Times did its usual exceptional job in covering the meeting: Continue reading

San Luis Tribune Lectures Nipomo Residents To Keep Open Mind On Pot Dispensary

The San Luis Obispo Tribune published an editorial today, Sunday, 01/24/10 chiding Nipomo residents to keep an open mind about having a medical marijuana dispensary in our community.  The irony of the Tribune, a newspaper that only grudgingly covers any news events here in Nipomo having the chutzpah to lecture Nipomo residents on what is actually best for the Nipomo community:  well, the thought, frankly makes reason stare. Continue reading

San Luis Obispo County Ordinance Regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There is a San Luis Obispo County Ordinance governing the placement of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Continue reading

Making The Case Against A Marijuana Dispensary In Nipomo

The case against granting a minor use permit allowing a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo is a relartively easy one to make, and is premised on hard, uncontrovertable, and uncomfortable facts, based on current and past experiences of other local communities, both within and without our county. The Santa Maria Times ran a series of articles about such dispensaries in Santa Barbara County. Continue reading

Proposed Nipomo Marijuana Dispensary Gets Chilly Reception At Land Use Committee

Mr. Robert D. Brody, the applicant for a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo got a chilly public reception during his presentation at the South County Advisory Land Use Sub Committee today.  The presentation lasted nearly two hours and included questions from the board, presentation by Mr. Brody, his business partner Mr. Tom Meredith and many comments by Nipomo residents.  It appeared that approximately 30 to 40 residents attended the meeting, which was high (no pun)  for a regular land use committee meeting.  Of those who attended and spoke only one resident spoke in favor of the clinic.  It was abundantly clear the vast majority of residents oppose this project. Continue reading

Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo

On Monday, 01/18/10, at 9:00 a.m. the Land Use Committee of the South County Advisory Committee will hear a presentation by an applicant for a 4000 square foot marijuana dispensary  in Nipomo, at 425B N. Frontage Road.

If you are not familiar with the area, below are some photos below to help orient and identify the location: Continue reading

NICE Meeting–Nipomo From County To City Recap

NICE Nipomo County to City

The Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education (NICE) held its most recent community meeting on Saturday, 03/28/09 at the Woodlands Trilogy, Avila Room from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Over 100, (103 was the official count) local Nipomo residents, joined several governmental leaders and community leaders at the meeting.    Katcho Achadjan, 4th District Supervison, San Luis Obispo County attended, as did officials from the Nipomo Community Services District, Chamber of Commerce, and others.  Katcho moderated the morning’s discussion, which included the following presentations.   Continue reading